Flow Sensor

WiFi Flow & Temperature Sensor

Product Information


WiFi enabled device
SensorLinx Compatible

The WFS Sensor is a combined flow and temperature sensor (two-in-one). The sensor is fully compatible with wet, aggressive liquids. The sensor is based on the principle of vortex shedding behind a bluff body. The sensor is based on MEMS sensing technology in combination with the corrosion-resistant Silicoat® coating technology on the sensor chip. The sensor is a lightweight and robust compact flow meter than can be installed in tight spaces vertically or horizontally. The sensor can be used for many applications including flow metering for individual tenant billing.

Flow Rates & Part Numbers

L/MIN GPM Flow Pipe (Housing) Union Pipe Configuration HBX Part #
1– 20 0.26 – 5.28 Composite, Stainless Steel                   1/2" WFS-0020
2 - 40 0.52 - 10.60 Composite, Stainless Steel                   1/2" WFS-0040
5 - 100 1.32 – 26.40 Composite, Stainless Steel                   3/4" WFS-0100
10 - 200 2.64 – 52.80 Composite, Stainless Steel                     1" WFS-0200
20 - 400 5.28 – 106.0 Composite                  1 1/2" WFS-0400

Product Features


Flow and temperature metering

Measure up to 106 GPM

Triac output for relay operation

DHW metering for tenant billing

Vortex in-flow sensor

Alarm notification for flow and pressure

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With the free HBX SensorLinx™ mobile app, users can control and monitor their boiler system remotely from their smartphone devices with the ability to adjust system parameters, monitor system temperatures, equipment operation status and receive alarm notifications.