OEM Solutions

Not only does hbx control systems provide the best hydronic controls in the industry but we also offer wide range oem control solutions including design, manufacturing and distribution.

Experience & Expertise


With a proven track record of over 15 years of experience of control oem manufacturing we have gained the expertise to handle a variety of different control options for multiple applications. We will also provide a non-compete & confidentially agreement to protect your design from competitors. We can take your exisiting outdated controller and provide you with a controller that is smart and easy to use that is relatble to sales, contractors, and end of use customers.

Hydronic Boiler & Mixing Controls

Lead Lag Controls

Energy Saving and Metering Controls

Solar Thermal Controls

Geothermal Controls

Pumping Controls

Snow Melt Controls

Zoning Controls



At HBX, we have a streamlined process that can provide your oem needs with a quality and cost effective product that can be scaled down to your needs while getting the product out to market as fast as possible. We offer a number of different control options including:

Design & Prototype

Custom Labelling & Packaging

Inventory Management


Product Certification


Software Design

Mobile App Development


Along with the development of the control we can integrate a customizable mobile app for ios and android devices. The possibilites are endless with the app development as we can provide a number of different features including:

Remote Access via iOS & Android Platforms

Real-time Data & Monitoring

Change Settings & System Parameters

Alarm Notifications

Great Tool For Your Technical Support Team