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WiFi enabled device
SensorLinx Compatible

SensorLinx™ is a customizable sensor solution incorporating the WFS Sensor (Wi-Fi Flow & Temperature Sensor) and WPS Sensor (Wi-Fi Pressure & Temperature Sensor). The system includes 2 pre-paired sensors that feature a wireless communication protocol between them that eliminates the need to need for the supply and return piping to be within 2 meters of each other. The system is based on vortex in-fluid sensors rather than other sensing technologies for more precise and accurate sensing calculations with a built-in electronic calculator and data logger via the ThermoLinx mobile app.

Flow Rates & Part Numbers

L/MIN GPM Flow Pipe (Housing) Union Pipe Configuration HBX Part #
1.4 – 14 0.36 - 3.69 Composite, Stainless Steel                   1/2" BTU-0014
3 - 30 0.70 - 7.92 Composite, Stainless Steel                   1/2" BTU-0030
7 - 70 1.84 - 18.49 Composite, Stainless Steel                   3/4" BTU-0070
13 - 130 3.43 – 34.34 Composite, Stainless Steel                    1" BTU-0130
20 - 400 5.28 - 105.67 Composite                 1 1/4" BTU-0400

Product Features


EN 1434 certification

Residential and commercial tenant billing

Supply and return do not have to be within 2 meters like conventional BTU meters

Graphs calculated BTU’s based on hour, day, week and monthly

External strap on thermistor for simple BTU calculations

Vortex in-flow sensor

Measure up to 106 GPM

NSF 61 Certification

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With the free HBX SensorLinx™ mobile app, users can control and monitor their boiler system remotely from their smartphone devices with the ability to adjust system parameters, monitor system temperatures, equipment operation status and receive alarm notifications.