Stand-alone Snow Melt Control

Product Information


Introducing the simplest, most intuitive control available to the industry: the SN0-0550. This unique control uses a new step-by-step interface allowing for easy set up. With new pre-set snow conditions (Very Light, Light, Moderate and Heavy), it is simple to set the control to turn on the system based on snowfall intensity.

The SNO-0550 consists of numerous exceptional features including settings for your snow fall intensity as well as an adjustable ΔT. This distinctive design incorporates our user friendly programming features, while offering applications and snow melt provisions over and above conventional slab sensing. With the ability to control a system and an injection pump, or a floating action valve for mixing purposes, this value added stand-alone control is suitable for single scale projects, or multi-zone projects that require individual optical sensors for each melt zone.

Optical Snow Sensor

The new snow melt control utilizes the HBX Optical Snow Sensor (SNO-0110). This snow/ice sensor utilizes optics rather than continuity based on/off sensors typically used by other manufacturers. The sensor provides HBX snow melt controls with feedback on snowfall rate and slab temperature.

Multiple Control Demand Modes

The SNO-0550 allows for multiple control demand modes in your system setup including idle, standby, force melt and anticipate days. With anticipate days, you can have the control in either standby or idle for an amount of time determined by the user from 1-7 days. If snow is detected during this time the control will go into a melt mode. Otherwise the control will turn off after anticipate days have elapsed.

Warm Weather Testing

Typically snow melt systems will be installed in the warmer months of the calendar year. With the warm weather testing feature, users can simulate cold system and outdoor temperatures to test the optical sensor functionality and equipment in the warmer months. The control will also provide important parameter information of the snow sensor while in operation.

This product is discontinued. We will continue to support it, but no new units will be manufactured.

Product Features


Injection or mixing valve control

System and Injection pump exercising

Multiple slab demand modes (Idle, Standby, Force Melt)

Anticipation demand setting (1 – 7 days)

Warm weather installation test function

Warm weather and cold weather shutdown

Resettable fusing

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