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WiFi enabled device
SensorLinx Compatible

The HBX Single Zone (SGL-0600) is designed to control most common HVAC systems and provides flexibility to integrate heating or cooling systems with multiple devices including forced air heating/cooling, radiant heating/cooling, heat pumps, fancoils and humidifier/dehumidifier.

Two Wire Solution

The single zone includes a Wi-Fi enabled full-colour touchscreen thermostat (THM-0600) and relay box to control your heating and cooling equipment. The THM-0600 thermostat is a 2 wire (power and communication) thermostat which makes it ideal for retrofits by re-using the existing 2 wire electrical to solve the issue of not having enough wires to upgrade systems.

The single zone relay box allows user to control up to 2 stages heating and 2 stages cooling with the ability to control humidity and fan control. The zone box allows for 2 dry demand outputs to heating and cooling devices. Wiring the relay box only requires 24V (low voltage) to power the unit. 

Remote Access Anytime, Anywhere with Sensorlinx

Used in conjunction with the HBX Sensorlinx mobile app, users can control and monitor single zone thermostat remotely.


Product Features


2 Wire Thermostat

2 Stages of Heating and 2 Stages of Cooling

No More Pulling Wires

Humidity and Fan Control

2x Dry Demand Outputs

24V (Low Voltage Wiring)

Can be added to the ZON-0600 for additional Fancoil Outputs

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Stay comfortable.
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With the free HBX SensorLinx™ mobile app, users can control and monitor their boiler system remotely from their smartphone devices with the ability to adjust system parameters, monitor system temperatures, equipment operation status and receive alarm notifications.

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