The SensorLinx™ Sensor System is designed to measure the energy used or transferred in liquid heating applications, including HVAC, Solar Thermal Heating and Geothermal.

Utilizing precision matched temperature sensors provides excellent differential accuracy and in-line flow meters with a very wide turndown, they provide the accurate data required to calculate totalized usage and allocate cost.

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Residential and commercial tenant billing

Measure system pressure, flow, and temperatures for your supply and returns

BTU graphs calculated based on Hour, Day, Week and Month

Measure flow up to 105 GPM

Wireless communication between sensors

EN1434 Certification

NSF 61 Certification

The SensorLinx™ System is a customizable sensor solution incorporating the WFS Wi-Fi Flow & Temperature Sensor and the WPS Wi-Fi Pressure & Temperature Sensor. The sensors can be used individually to track many system parameter configurations to record daily, monthly and yearly totalized usage in real time using the HBX Thermolinx App. The SensorLinx™ System incorporates a Wi-Fi communication protocol that allows for an easy setup and provides advanced functionality that can be controlled via a smartphone using the HBX ThermoLinx™ mobile App.



The SensorLinx™ Management Portal is a monitoring and billing solution for homeowners and building managers. The web based program provides individual tenant billing capabilities to ensure accurate and real time data for thermal heating/cooling and DHW billing consumption. The portal also provides raw or graphical data for heating BTU consumption as well system historical flow, temperature and pressure data with alarm notifications.

The management system solution automates the tenant billing process by eliminating manual meter readings for more accurate measurement and eliminates human error readings. The management system also allows building owners to customize and generate bill runs to tenants. Tenants will also have the ability to pay their utility bills through the management system portal. With direct tenant metering, tenants are more likely to reduce their energy usage which will reduce the cost savings and faster money recovery to the building owner.

Already Using another Building Management System?

If you are already using a building management system the SensorLinx System also provides an API from our servers to provide all your data management request calls to your building management system. The API will also let the SensorLinx sensors communicate with BACnet or BMS systems.



Real time flow and heat metering data

Historical data and reporting

Tentant billing capabilities

System alarm notification

Multiple building management

API calls to third party systems

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With the free HBX SensorLinx™ mobile app, users can control and monitor their boiler system remotely from their smartphone devices with the ability to adjust system parameters, monitor system temperatures, equipment operation status and receive alarm notifications.