Stand-alone Geothermal Control

Product Information


Introducing the simplest, most intuitive control available to the geothermal industry: the ECO-0550, now with the Thermolinx™ Hydronic Network, allowing you to control your geothermal system from the palm of your hand. The ECO-0550 covers a multitude of geothermal applications, and can accommodate for heat pumps with a backup boiler, reversing valve and a system pump for complete system coverage with the ability to control single or dual tank systems.

Heat Pump & Backup Control

The ECO-0550 stand-alone control is designed to control equipment in a 2 pipe, single or dual tank, hydronic heating or cooling system. The ECO-0550 can control up to three (3) heat pump stages (air-to-water or water-water) or chillers and a reversing valve with outdoor temperature reset control.

This powerful control can also control a backup heat source (boiler) while operating two (2) heat pump stages. The backup heat source can be brought on with a few different options based on outdoor or tank temperatures. The control can manage single tank applications as well as applications with separate hot and cold tanks.

EcoSwitch Energy Clock

The EcoSwitch feature allows you to lockout your heat pumps and run only the backup boiler on a timed schedule, allowing you to save on energy and lower your utility bills during peak time periods. The schedule can be set for 4 different times per day for weekends and weekdays.

This product is discontinued. We will continue to support it, but no new units will be manufactured.

Product Features


Stage up to 3 heat pumps

Backup boiler control with 2 heat pump operation

Outdoor temperature reset

Single or dual tank modes

Runs reversing valve and/or 3 way valves

Rotates heat pumps based on time or cycles

Automatic heat / cool changeover

Priority setup for heating or cooling

Warm & cold weather shutdown

EcoSwitch – Lockout heat pumps and run backup boiler only

Pump Exercising

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